Who and why

Energy, enthusiasm and humility


Already as a child, the processes of my body got my attention.
I wanted to know WHY something was happening!
So I began learning bodywork-techniques at the first opportunity. This led me to Graz/Austria in 2000 where I graduated in traditional and alternative healing methods.
More and more I realized the importance of life force and what role it plays in our body.
I saw how functions, feelings, attitudes and perceptions depend on this force. So I immersed myself in body energetics, an area where there is still much unknown, but at the same time a field that is capable of delivering the most wonderful results.

I was excited!

The search for people who had the knowledge and experience in this field of energetic works led me to different countries. Subhash Ranade, Dietrich Klinghardt, Gerhard Klügel, Steve Gallegos, Daan van Kampenhout, Margot and Raphael Van Assche – all such wonderful people whose point of views and approaches I was able to understand and learn.
I consider myself very fortunate and I am infinitely grateful for their encouragement!

In the last 15 years, people have come to me with health concerns, especially with chronic ailments.

Many of my patients find relief and recovery by the dissolving of blockages and the restoring of the body’s own regulation and energy circulation!

I want to thank everyone individually who puts their trust in me and chooses me to support their healing and personal development!

Healing always takes place in the individual! No therapist can do this for anyone else. Therefore, I can only search, find, reveal, help and finally be amazed by our innate recuperative power!

From person to person

encounters at eye level

in the self

This comprises the experience of one’s own life force; the discovery of our deeper levels; the realization of our vulnerability; the courage to change; the openness in an encounter; curiosity for the unknown; the childlike joy of existence; devotion to impermanence; the friendly disposition; the path of development in eternity.



Body energetics



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