I am very pleased about your interest in the
services that I offer in my practice


Energetic analyses
of the current wellbeing


Holistic therapy
on different planes


Inner journeys of discovery,
mindful guidance

Body energetics

Vitality and resilience


Restoring yourself



Determination of the individual energetic effect of remedies


Home exercises and accompanying measures

Methods & approaches

The measures and techniques applied in each session are ultimately determined by the individual body-energy-systemThe following is a brief overview of methods that are often used in my holistic treatments:


holistic kinesiology






structural bodywork


autonomic response testing




medial techniques


aura surgery


deep imagery


osteopathic techniques


human energy field


ear reflex-zones treatments


emotion-relaxation techniques


five elements, functional circles & meridians





A word about the holistic approach

If the whole person is to be treated and not just the isolated symptom, a holistic approach is inevitably necessary. As living and open systems with the capacity to regulate and adapt, human beings are more than the sum of metabolism, structure and psyche. In fact, there are hints that we are probably multidimensional beings and that our everyday consciousness reflects just a small aspect of our existence. We have constant access to many dimensions – just think of our inner emotional worlds, of thoughts or of ourselves as socially interacting people. If a symptom emerges, the inner balance gets lost and we feel uncomfortable. This dynamic tells us something. It indicates something, perhaps makes us aware of one thing or another, helps us maybe to change our point of view so that some transformation can take place. Development is a natural process, if it is prevented, symptoms and illness arise.



Before commencing treatment, please seek medical advice for any pains or other complaints you may have.

Energetic analyses and treatments are not intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis and intervention. If your health condition is unclear, a doctor must rule out any disease that requires medical attention.

Some of the methods I apply are not recognized by today's science.

The methods and techniques come from different fields such as massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy, kinesiology, energetics, spiritual advice and deep imagination. Some of the measures are not (yet) scientifically recognized and are therefore classified as “complementary treatment methods”.


Each session is tailored to your needs and has a duration of 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the procedure.

The first session for chronic complaints, consisting of a detailed energetic analysis and treatment, takes an average of 90 minutes. Follow-up treatments, depending on individual requests and approach, last from 30 to 90 minutes.


The time between sessions is usually between one and six weeks.

After exploring your energetic status, we will discuss together a possible course of treatment, corresponding follow-up appointments and a time schedule.

The new balance often takes some time to adjust.

After a treatment there may be noticeable changes in body tension, mood, and general health for a few days.

Encounter at eye level and trust in each other:

friendly and kind interactions are the prerequisite for successful collaboration. I feel honored to promote your health and development and I want to thank you in advance for the trust you’ll place in me!

Courses & offers


What is more humane than passing on acquired skills and knowledge?

Corresponding courses and offers are in preparation.

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